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commissioned photography

We work in partnership with international volunteer and aid agencies, Aboriginal corporations, eco-tourism services, universities and private companies, both locally and internationally, to showcase their work and the lives of the people with whom they work.

Our commissions range from one-day photo shoots to extended field trips that document the life cycle of a project. We work co-operatively on location, or autonomously if needed and ensure that we are fully conversant with the requirements of any assignment before commencement.

We not only provide high-quality photography but can also integrate visual images into creative marketing campaigns.

Click the links below to view some of our recent assignments:

  • ABATTOIR in Vanuatu: Australian Business Volunteers
  • SILKWORM FARMING in Timor: Australian Volunteers International
  • OPERATING THEATRE in Fiji: Australian Volunteers International
  • TOMBSTONE UNVEILING in Torres Strait: Aboriginal Tourism Australia

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